Lisa M. Cannon MD – Why Should Hospitals Embrace Modular Construction Trends in 2021

2020 was not a good year for the medical and healthcare industry. Facility managers of medical units are now getting ready to plan and later execute construction projects this year. Some of them had to be canceled last year, while some got delayed for indefinite periods due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some never even saw the light of the day. 2021 will see an arrival of projects with short timelines to get hospital construction back on schedule and track.

Lisa M. Cannon MD is widely respected healthcare and medical specialist in the USA. She is an accomplished doctor with over 15 years of rich experience in the field of pulmonary healthcare. She has established her private practice in Bergen County in New Jersey, where she treats patients. She completed her graduation in medicine from the New York Medical College and later went on to earn her fellowship in sleep medicine, critical care, and pulmonary healthcare from the esteemed Mount Sinai Hospital located in New York.

Popular trends

She says that both prefabrication and modular construction are the two fastest-growing building trends today when it comes to hospital construction. Construction engineers are preparing themselves for the above challenge when it comes to incorporating the above two trends in hospital construction.

Modular construction denotes a building process where the unit is made off-site under controlled conditions with the same materials and building codes as traditionally built units. Even the standards of the buildings are the same. However, the time taken for constructing such buildings are shorter.

She adds that the buildings are created in modules, and they are later placed together on the site. All of them have the same identical design and specifications as any advanced and sophisticated hospital facility unit. There is no quality compromise in the whole process.

Questions to ask

She says that the process for modular construction is more prevalent in the healthcare industry. Now, it is obvious that one might wonder how the healthcare industry should embrace this specific mode of the construction process. Those in charge of healthcare units should ask their potential construction partner the following questions-

  1. They need to know whether their construction or manufacturing partner has the necessary resources and skilled labor for the task?
  2. Does the company understand the vision of the hospital?
  3. Whether the partner has the experience and proven track records in the field of modular healthcare construction?


According to Lisa M. Cannon MD the above are the key questions that hospital units need to know before getting into modular construction. In addition to the above, through her recently launched micro-site, she offers a diverse range of tips for establishing good health habits so that people can avoid their dependence on medicines to remain healthy. Her main motto is to help people live a medicine-free life. She offers salient tips and provides recipes when it comes to cooking right and healthy eating. Her site is immensely popular and enjoys a loyal fan following when it comes to living a healthy and happy life without disease!