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The technological era has seen a decrease in physical activity and sports. Though football and basketball are really exciting sports to watch, a majority of people like to sit back in their sofas with a bottle of beer to watch the games. Though this is good news, it sparks the reality that more and more people are leading sedentary lifestyles that are not good for their health at all. With the current Pandemic, lockdown, and social distancing still prevalent in most places, people leading sedentary lifestyles are on the rise, and worse still, the younger generation is following suit!


Stephen Varanko III – A mission to bring back an interest in sports


Stephen Varanko III is a sports enthusiast and avid blogger on the subject. He now has an extensive website dedicated to the subject of sports. He released it in the early phase of 2020 and has gained immense popularity for its content. He is now revamping the site and anticipates the release of its new 2.0 version in 2021. He has plans to post additional and new information in the new version of the site.


A deep insight into iconic players and coaches


He wants readers to be educated and interested in sports. He wants to encourage them to get up from their couches and start playing some sport to stay mentally and physically fit. Moreover, children need to start playing sports to reduce their dependence on screen time. Technology is surely a boon, but when it comes to an overdose, it causes more harm than good.


Stay updated with the latest sports news


His website targets the latest news on football and basketball of the Virginia Military Institute, of which he is an ardent fan. He says these not so known programs actually are rich and carry huge potential. His mission is to invoke his readers’ interest so that they can actively support these promising teams as well.


Inspirational stories and news


In addition to the above, his website also offers readers deep insights into Boston’s professional basketball team. He covers both the professional baseball and the football teams of Baltimore. Readers can go through his posts and learn a lot of valuable insights about the most iconic players, coaches, and games of these teams.


He says that when readers know more about the sport, they get the inspiration to start playing themselves. It is never too late for anyone to begin playing basketball, football, or baseball for leisure. However, if you are young and do cherish the dreams of becoming a professional player in any of the above sports, it is prudent to enroll in coaching classes to learn under the guidance of a good coach.


Stephen Varanko III is a true sports aficionado and wishes to use his website to inspire readers on the latest news and sports players’ comeback stories. He is deeply passionate about sports and is dedicated to sharing his love for both college and professional sports among his readers through his revamped sports website with success!