This is also an amazing time to find owners

The way to go about doing this is to contact the owners when there is so little time left that they have no choice but to sell, or to lose everything to the government. This would be after the tax sale, after their property has been “sold”, right at the end of the redemption period. At this point, owners will be extremely motivated to sell, or to at least get something out of their property. At this stage, you can often “option” the property for a dollar (to make it legal) and then flip it to another investor for a very low price, split the proceeds with the owner, and walk away $10,000-$20,000 (or more) richer than when you started – all for investing a dollar. dunia investasi

This is also an amazing time to find owners who are dying to be done with the whole ordeal, and are ready to sign over the deed for a few hundred dollars just to get it out of their name. Then, you can flip the property or pay off the taxes and keep it.Another way to make some serious real estate cash without a lot of startup is to collect the overages created at tax foreclosure sale. (No investment property financing necessary!) The overbids created when someone bids more than is owed are usually held for the owner’s benefit, but only for a short period of time before being lost to the government.

If you can find those owners and their funds and reunite the two, you can expect a 30-50% finder’s fee in most cases. Since so many foreclosures are happening in the current economy, there are more of these cases than the current small number of money finders can handle. A five-figure per month income is not just possible, but a virtual guarantee for anyone who puts in the requisite effort to get this business going – without the need for loans.